Frequently Asked Questions
Aren’t there already plenty of nonprofits?  Why is this one necessary?
Most nonprofits have a good understanding of what they want to do to solve the problem they want to solve.  However, very few of them are very good at marketing themselves to volunteers.  The result is that these nonprofits tend to only attract people that have a very strong drive to volunteer. 
According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 25% of Americans say they volunteer at least once per year.  But what about the other 75%, and why are many of today’s volunteers satisfied with serving on one day per year?
We want to see a LOT more people volunteer.  In fact, we want to see EVERYBODY volunteer!  To do that, we need local nonprofits to do a much better job of telling their stories.  That’s the first thing we want to help with.

How do you plan to help?
We want to bring together a group of people that don’t typically get to use their skills volunteering.  We want to bring photographers, videographers, writers and other creative individuals together to develop compelling stories about what local nonprofits are doing, and the amazing people doing that work.  We then want to use our web sites and social media to share those stories to inspire more people to volunteer in our communities.

So you are looking for professional creative people?
In a word, no.  That’s not to say that if you do this type of creative work professionally that we won’t be more than happy to have you work with us!  In fact, we’d love to learn from you!  However, our typical volunteers are expected to be people that enjoy this creative work as a hobby.  The type of people that do these things purely for the fun of it.
What better way to have fun developing new skills than to do so while helping local nonprofits?

You used the word “fun”.  Why is that important?
Most of us have a “day job”.  The last thing we need is to feel like volunteering is one more duty we need to perform.  Our hobbies bring us joy, and using those skills to help the people around us is tremendously fun!
We also emphasize the joy of working with others to accomplish challenging goals.  None of us has all the answers, but together we can do amazing things!

What type of people are you looking for to join you in these efforts?
First, and most importantly, we are looking for people who are interested in making a significant difference in their community.  Our volunteers understand how rewarding volunteering can be and they want to share the joy of volunteering with as many people as possible.
We’re just getting started on this new adventure and we can use a lot of help.  Here are a few ideas of the types of skills we’re looking for but this list is not meant to be exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Enjoy photographing people or events?  We’d love to pair you with one of our writers to help develop a good story.
  • Enjoy developing videos?  Video can be one of the most compelling ways to tell a story.  You don’t need to be an expert, but you do need to have a love for this hobby.
  • Writing is a wonderful talent and a well-written story can be a tremendous inspiration.  If you enjoy crafting the perfect story then we’d love to work with you!
  • One of the most important things we’ll do is find ways to draw people in to read our content.  If you have marketing expertise we’d love to have your help!
Web Design
  • We’re just getting started.  This web site is just the basics but we’d love to have talented web designers help make this site what it can be.
Web Developers
  • Ultimately, we’re going to need some great web developers.  We want to create a web site that makes it easy for volunteers to be connected with great opportunities in their community.  We’re always looking for people interested in helping with this effort!
If I agree to help then I’m going to be roped into a long-term commitment, right?
Absolutely not.  We understand that people’s lives are busy and their availability to volunteer is going to vary.  If you’d like to help develop a single story, that would be fantastic!  Then, when you are ready, come back