At Inspired Volunteering, our mission is to Inspire many more people to volunteer and then Connect those people with the right volunteer opportunity in their area.


Have you ever tried to find volunteer opportunities in your area? Did you find it easy? Most people we talk to do not find it easy at all.

There are some great national web sites focused on helping people find volunteer opportunities in their area. They’ve done a lot of great work and connected a lot of people with opportunities. However, they each rely on nonprofits to keep their own information up to date on the national web site. Many, many organizations do not do this.

At Inspired Volunteering, our Volunteering Promoters connect with local organizations and post their information on our site. They are then responsible for keeping that information up to date. We want visitors to our sites to have information they can rely on, and we don’t want to be an added burden on local organizations seeking volunteers.


As we build up the information about local organizations, we also want to start telling people about some of the amazing volunteers in each location. We will be recruiting local writers, photographers and videographers to help us tell those stories. Stay tuned!